Собственность | 13 комнаты | 17880 m2
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Boulouris Saint Raphael | Продажа

Vent du Large


Ссылка : PVN-0520
Construction of a villa with a floor area of 894 m² with garage, swimming pool and guest villa as well as a caretaker's accommodation. The whole was thought and treated like a villa in a vast garden. Thus, nature helps to develop the different living spaces.
The land, a kind of promontory on the sea, is composed of lush vegetation and numerous listed species. The project articulates several bodies of buildings interspersed with vegetated spaces, thus putting in scene the different frames on the park and the sea.
Nature enters the villa, and the villa is deployed around planted patios.
The location of the villa depends essentially on the axis dictated by the design of the park as well as the views of the sea and its nearby islands.
Thus, the large double-height hall gives way to a staging of the water up to the swimming pool and ends in the direction of the sea.
Some volumes will be on two levels, intermediate parts on the ground floor will be roof terraces, allowing the upstairs to benefit from quality outdoor spaces.

Краткий обзор

17880 m2
Общая (земля и / или террасы)
894 m2
Жилая поверхность
  • Частный дом
  • Бассейн
  • Парковка
  • С террасой
  • Открытый бассейн
  • Домик для гостей
  • Дом
  • С видом на море
  • На берегу моря
  • Редкая собственность
Ссылка : PVN-0520